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No more technology barriers with CARD ME PRO you can share your business cards across all devices anytime, anywhere.

Business cards per meeting

Now you can save time mapping which business card to be used for which meeting, especially in daily back to back meetings.


Use your smart phone as business card wallet

Today’s 27 million business cards are printed

Using CARD ME PRO will allow your organization to take the first step towards the green environment by using the most powerful digital business cards application.

24/7 Suppor

You can always reach us on our technical support team will resolve any issue you might face with the mobile app in no time.

Secure, Reliable and Accurate

Use your smart phone to create and share business cards with crossing barriers of classic business cards

Amazing Core Features

sharing and managing business cards for your organization

Share it in style

Everything You Need in an App. Share your business card in style and forget about technologies barriers. Send from any smart device to anther in one click

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Exchange business cards safely During meetings, Events, seminars and other corporate social occasions.

Go without paper now, Manage all your business cards intelligently by searching,tagging and quickly sharing cards.

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What Our Customer Says

Doing it right costs less than doing it over!

Card me pro will help you to spent more on marketing with the same company budget by using the digital business card.
Card Me Pro helps me manage my business cards, so I won’t be embarrassed anymore or tell my business counterparts “Sorry, I forgot my business card today”.

Card Me Pro